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Fairy Shrimp... ancient order from the seas!

8,000 species of Fairy Shrimp worldwide & their found from Pole to Pole!

Fairy Shrimp in the Antarctic:

Bending the rules... fairy shrimp eggs dispersed by FISH:

Climate Change concerns for pools & shrimp (warning: depressing article):


VA VP's partner, Brian La Fountain, released this wonderful documentary during summer of 2012 that tells the story of these environments through the life cycle of tiny Fairy Shrimp - an "obligate" wildlife species of temporary wetlands. The film debuted near the Homestead Resort and was subsequently screened at the Smithsonian's facility in Maryland and also at Sweet Briar College, home base for the Virginia Vernal Pools Program. Read on...

Oct 24, 2012 WSET TV-13 interview to promote Nov. 12 showing of Secret Pond at Sweet Briar College:

Article by SBC'S Jennifer McManamay on WLNI web site, promoting Nov. 12 showing of Secret Pond at Sweet Briar College:

Same article in local papers:

Fairy Shrimp Doodle by Brian La Fountain