Vernal Pool

Melancholy winter place
pensive, silent, solemn face
stark and white, the hueless view
sometimes just a hint of blue

Barren landscape, not a leaf-
hushing all the life beneath
the sleeping twigs and branches wait
their knowing temporary fate

Stepping lightly on the snow
creatures wonder where to go
with aimless tracks that lead nowhere
"patience" asks the frozen air

The winter seems to hold the land
but time lets go of winter's hand
for seasons rushing soon will race
the winter to another place

Then look about and see what's new
as frost soon fades and harkens dew
the melting snow and sudden rain
wash the planet new again

And then a tiny pool is made
on many forest leaves once laid
with every spring the puddles fill
the shallow water gathered still

And in this hidden mossy nook
where few have ventured close to look
the water circle on the floor
awakens life from once before

For in this fragile little pond
Mother Nature waves her wand
the fairies come to play and dance
and others come to find romance

And tiny beasts will wander through
brothers, sisters, tribal true
generations found their way
this primal visit lasts a day

And melodious chants ensue
ancient songs of this milieu
summoned up from clay below
secrets we will never know

Though sanctuary it might seem
perhaps this all was but a dream
for just like winter lost the race
spring is now a passing face

And all that dwindles here by fate
will seasons later duplicate
through messages they've left behind
mysteries of life enshrined

Brian La Fountain